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The ISO Register's principal aim is to provide a distinctive and comprehensive Free support for all users to search and confirm ISO Certifications attained by companies throughout the globe.

The ISO Register facilitates the growth of ISO International Standards to support enhance the management, quality assurance and performance of businesses, to make sure their products, goods and services meet the requirements and expectations of their customers.
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The ISO register is a non-profit organization, associated and supported by many bodies around the world. ISO register provides up to date information’s of Companies certified for ISO standards, general Information of certification bodies and accreditation bodies. The register supports the customers and certification bodies to add authentic information’s.

Global ISO register’s objective is to provide free of cost service to organizations, community, government and society to search and confirm ISO certifications achieved by companies throughout the world. The register provides information of various clients around the world, and the entries for over 150,000 organizations. Every entry will provide information of clients, standard certified certification body, location and scope of certification.

Data on the Register is fully searchable by the name of the organization, geographical area, and standard and / or awarding certification body. The Register can also be searched by keyword according to the name and/ or address of the organization.










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